Difference between fluorescence and ordinary microscopes

Fluorescence microscope is used to study the absorption and transport of substances within cells, as well as the distribution and positioning of chemical substances. Some substances in cells, such as chlorophyll, can fluoresce after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, while some substances themselves cannot fluoresce, but if they are stained with fluorescent dyes or fluorescent antibodies, they can also fluoresce after irradiated by ultraviolet rays. Fluorescence microscope is one of the tools for qualitative and quantitative research on such substances.

inverted lab microscope 

The lab fluorescence microscope uses ultraviolet rays as light source to illuminate the object being inspected to make it emit fluorescence, and then we can observe the shape and location of the object under the microscope. The differences between fluorescence microscope and ordinary microscope are as follows:

1. The lighting method is usually epi-illumination, that is, the light source is projected on the sample through the objective lens;

2. The light source is ultraviolet light, with shorter wavelength and higher resolution than ordinary microscopes;

3. There are two special filters. The one in front of the light source is used to filter out visible light, and the one between the eyepiece and objective lens is used to filter out ultraviolet rays to protect human eyes.

 digital dental microscope

The fluorescence microscope is composed of main components such as light source, filter plate system and optical system. It is also a kind of optical microscope. The main difference is that the excitation wavelength of the two is different, which determines the differences in structure and usage between fluorescence microscopes and ordinary optical microscopes.

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