How to wipe the microscopes

The microscope is a precision optical instrument. Do not disassemble the parts and components randomly, so as not to affect the operating efficiency and accuracy or damage it. If the microscope is faulty, it should be inspected and repaired by a professional maintenance organization or contact the after-sales service department.


In daily use, timely maintenance of the components of the microscope is the key to ensuring the accurate operation of the equipment.

After each use of the microscope, first clean and wipe the surface of the microscope and the stage, and then clean the optical parts (field of view lens, condenser, objective lens, eyepiece).

1. Before wiping each optical surface, clean the entire microscope, and then use a blower to remove dust particles on the surface to avoid scratching the optical surface when wiping.

2. According to different sizes of optical surfaces, decide to wipe with hand or wooden stick.

3. To wipe the lens and filter, first wipe from the center, rotate counterclockwise, and gradually wipe to the edge.


When the microscope is not in use, it should be covered with a plexiglass or polyethylene cover and placed in a dry place without mold growth. The objective lens and eyepieces are best placed in a closed container with a desiccant.


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