NANBEI丨Pakistan Industrial Expo Brought to a Successful Close

Pakistan Industrial Expo 2022Name: Pakistan Industrial Expo 2022Date:October 15-17, 2022Si...

2022 Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in China. Legend has it that it commemorates Qu Yuan...

How to deal with common faults of light incubator

The light incubator is a high-precision heating and cooling constant temperature device, which has the function of&...

Regular and standard operation of gloss meter

Gloss meter is a special measuring instrument widely applied in fields of paint manufacturing, chemical raw materials, a...

Ways to maintain pH meter in daily use

PH meter refers to an instrument used to measure the pH value of a solution. It is quite necessary for scientific resear...

How to use the orbital shaker properly

The orbital shaker has a simple appearance, comprehensive functions and soft oscillation. It is a high-speed orbital sha...

How to choose a suitable blast drying oven?

There are many types of electric blast drying ovens, and the quality is different, which makes it difficult to sele...

How to use medical refrigerators properly

Medical refrigerators are mainly applied to refrigerate, store, and transport reagents, blood, medicines, etc. We should...

Precautions for installation and use of cryogenic incubator

Cryogenic incubators are low temperature incubators mainly used for storing culture medium, drugs, serum ...

Tips for the use of whiteness meters

Whiteness tester, referred to as whiteness meter, is used to measure the blue light whiteness of the surface of objects....

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