Delivery for a University Laboratory in Iran

Delivery for a University Laboratory in Iran


For a client from Iran, our company provided most of the equipment for its newly built university laboratory. This is our regular customer, and we have cooperated with each other for several times. Therefore, besides technical support and good after-sales service, we also give this customer a competitive price. We believe this must be a nice purchasing experience for him.


Project: university laboratory

Delivery time: July 27, 2021

Shipped equipment: TGL16 desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge (2 sets), TD4N desktop low-speed centrifuge (1 set), MS7-H550-S magnetic stirrer (5 sets), HWS24 water bath (5 sets), MB-580 microplate reader (2 set) etc.


Nanbei company, an excellent manufacturer and supplier in China, is devoted to providing laboratory instrument and equipment. Until now, we have nearly 15 years of experience in laboratory field, and our products have been exported to more than 120 countries. Nanbei is developing fast and getting more and more professional. If you are interested in our products, or want to get useful information, please contact us by email or message. I am sure you can get what you need from Nanbei.


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